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What is a Teaching Health Center GME?

The Teaching Health Center Program supports the expansion of healthcare professionals in communities by providing training to physicians and dentists in community-based environments, with a particular emphasis on rural and underserved areas.

As of 2023, Community Health Centers, Inc. is proud to be the first teaching health center in Utah. In addition to our mission of providing quality, patient-centered primary care services to vulnerable and underserved individuals, we are equally committed to training healthcare professionals to effectively meet the needs of our culturally diverse population through our Family Medicine Residency program.

Why Choose a Teaching Health Center?

Ten-year outcomes demonstrate that Teaching Health Center (THC) graduates are more likely than other graduates to:

  • Practice in rural areas
  • Work within 5 miles of their residency program
  • Provide care for medically underserved populations
  • Engage in a broader range of medical practices, including buprenorphine treatment, behavioral health care, outpatient gynecology, and obstetrics

Program Highlights

Extensive Clinical Exposure

Our program offers hands-on experience across various clinical settings, fostering proficiency in managing diverse patient populations and conditions while prioritizing continuity of care.

Spanish Language Training

With a focused Spanish language curriculum, residents gain proficiency in medical Spanish, facilitating effective communication and culturally sensitive care for Spanish-speaking patients.

Personalized Mentorship

With a flexible curriculum and individualized mentorship, residents can tailor their training to pursue their unique career aspirations, supported by experienced faculty members every step of the way.

What We’ve Created

OB Fellowship Highlight

Since 1999, the Family Medicine Obstetric Fellowship at the University of Utah has been a testament to CHC’s commitment to innovative collaboration and education. In partnership with the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, CHC created a pioneering program structure that merges clinical excellence with community-based practice. Our fellows receive excellent training supported by colleagues in the Department of OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine, shaping future healthcare leaders and building a ready workforce to tackle the maternity healthcare crisis in America.

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